Sweet    Dreams

This was their second single in Australia, reaching 3 on the charts, and 47th overall. The video clip was set at a sort of dance party in the middle of a road, with lots of 'interesting' extras! The song seemed to stay forever on the charts (36 weeks in America!) but it eventually went off about July. The original video clip (there's a long story behind it, but I won't bore you with the details) was shot in 1995, and was very diferent to the new one. It was set in a sort of "tropical" environment (a parrot, some flowers, a person that looked Indonesian, but I can't really tell) and was kinda cool and freaky at the smae time. I wish I had a full version of it!


Radio Mixes 1&2
Same as the album mixes except one has no rap.

Club Mix
Not as good as their other club mixes.

Spike Mix
A REALLY good mix! Has very good music and beat.

Loveland UK Mix
Has good music, but is kinda annoying.

Italian #1 Mix
Definitely the best mix, about 150rpm.

Oriental Mix 
An good mix, but a bit slow though. 

Stylin Free Spike Mix
A good mix, but it is almost the same as the spike mix!

Hola Mix
An excellent mix, very interesting!

House Mix
Another REALLY good mix, nice music & speed!

Euro-Airplay-Remix Edit
This is the one they re-released in Europe, got massive airplay.