La Bouche Sounds!

Well, well, well! I've finally got around to this! Sorry the first clips will be .wav's, but I don't have a Real Player encoder thingy thing yet!


Question: Do you ever visit clubs?
Question: What makes dance music so popular?
Question: What makes La Bouche successful?

Video Clips!

Sweet Dreams in Real Video
The 1st SD video 1.5mins long
I Love To Love in Real Video
1.59mins long YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
Bolingo in .mov
From the page
You Won't Forget Me in .mov
From the BMG page
Sweet Dreams in .mov
The 1st video 0.30secs long

La Bouche Concerts in Real Player G2!

The first one is from the Dance Across America Tour, it has quite 
a few artists before them who are quite boring (really!) so just fast
forward it to 1hour 19mins. It saves a LOT of boring stuff:-D

It's with the "La Bouche Band" which took me a bit of getting used to
cause' they only had a backing tape when they were out here. Heh:-)

**Comming Soon**

The latest La Bouche live concert online (which I missed cause I didn't 
get the damn time right!) should be up in three weeks or so.