A    Moment    Of    Love!


1. You Won't Forget Me 
2. Unexpected Lovers
3. SOS 
4. A Moment Of Love
5. Whenever You Want 
6. I Can't Stand The Rain
7. On A Night Like This 
8. Body + Soul
9. Say You'll Be Mine 
10. Don't Let The Rain
11. Sweet Little Persuade
12. Say It With Love
13. You Won't Forget Me-House mix
14. Candle In The Wind 97' -Gospel Version

This Album was released 17th Nov 97' in Germany, but I got it on 
import so that dosen't really matter..........But anyway it's a really
good album with a great variety of music styles and a few
releasable tracks. The highlights of the album include; You Won't 
Forget Me (Well da!) SOS (An sad yet danceable track) I Can't Stand 
The Rain (An exellent remake of a song by The Commitments origanly 
sung by Angleine Ball) Body + Soul (An almost underground 
dane track with a really cool beat!) Don't Let The Rain ( An happy 
song, just sung by Lane) and Candle in The Wind 97' ( Better
than the origanal).

All in all it's a bit better than the first album with less synth 
and beats.