I    Love    To    Love

This was their third single in Australia, and thanks to the fact they were touring then, it was a huge success! It reached 8 on the charts and came 49th overall. It had a REALLY good video clip, that was very futuristic and just had the two of them in it. The other song Forget Me Nots is a remake of Patrice Rushen song, that has also been remade by George Michael (Fastlove), Will Smith (Men In Black) and Pauline Pantsdown (I Don't Like It).


Sending you forget-me-nots/to help me to
baby please forget-me-not/ I want you to
Those were the times we had, sharing the 
joy that we thought would last Memories
of love and affection, love for me was like
a dream Was it the simple things that made
me so crazy about you, Was it your charm 
or your passion, It's not hard to belive I
want you and I need you
So I'm....... (chorus)
Did we give up too soon, maybe we needed
just a little room Wondering how it all
happened, maybe we just need a little 
time though we did end up friends, give it 
a chance we could love again I'll always
love you forever, it's not hard to belive I 
want you and I need you
So I'm....... (chorus)


Radio Mix
The one they play on the radio!
It's different to the album mix
but still sounds good!

Club Mix
A exellent club mix! Just what 
we've come to expect fom them!

Doug Laurent Mix
The only good one old Doug ever
did! Kinda spooky, but really 
danceable would describe it!

Forget Me Nots Club Mix
A very good mix! One of my 
favourite songs by them and
the only copy of Forget Me 
Nots I've got on CD!

Forget Me Nots Album Mix
Shorter than the Club Mix 
but still a La Bouche classic!