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You    Won't    Forget    Me!

This is their first single from the "A Moment Of Love" album. It is the same style as their other releases, but is more Eurogressive than Eurodance. It has an rpm of about 135 and is a great dance track. It was nominated for the Euro-Energy Awards just a few weeks after it's release. The video clip,is pretty lavish, with lots of settings, costumes and people. They did two versions of the video, the single edit and the house edit. The house edit was released in America and has some different scenes to the one released in Australia. It is one of their best videos yet!


Radio Mix 4:16

Same as the album mix.

Cobra Club Mix 5:10

A really good remix, with a sense of humor!

Extended Version 5:20

Same as a club mix, & well done.

Spike Club Mix 6:50

A great remix, with great music!

House Mix 4:20

A bit fast for House music! Also on album.

Manumission Mix 5:07

Extreamly good mix!


Tonight is the night
Your gonna get the best
I'll teach you right, I'm better than the rest
Wherever you go and wherever you will be
You won't forget me, You won't forget me.

oo-oo-oo na-na-na-na
You're gonna miss what I got to offer
oo-oo-oo na-na-na-na

When you need action, love and affection
You're gonna run to me.
And when you're freezin' you'll search for me
to be your cover.
When you feel lonely I'll be only one to set 
you free.
If you're man enough I'll be your perfect
lover endlessly

oo-oo-oo na-na-na-na
Without my love you'll surely suffer
oo-oo-oo na-na-na-na
You're gonna miss what I got to offer

Tonight's the night, you won't forget this love.
Relax you're mind and let your body unwind. There's
no more pressure no more pain, tonight girl don't
be ashamed. No matter what what cravin' because I'm 
stayin provide not critasize. No matter what the
deed I'll give you what you need. Don't doubt our
love is turn you out.

You'll be on fire, you can't deny a love that's
heaven sent. When I touch your heart I'm gonna 
start a dream that never ends.

I want you, I want you
Like a drug in my vein
Like a drug in my vein
You won't forget meeeee!

ChorusX2 Bridge2X1.5