Fallin'    In    Love

Their forth single in Australia, but unfortunatly not the most succesful! It stayed on the charts for 14 weeks, but only peaked at 39! It had a really nice video clip, and also the most cutesy with lots of soft focus, pretty colours and palm trees! The thing that sets it apart from all the other video clips, is the fact that it was shot during the day! (well most of it) One of the reasons that it was such a flop, was probably the fact that to the untrained ear, it doesn't sound like one of their other songs!(But I liked it!) It did very well in America, peaking at about 13 in the charts! They did the euro-remix on the talk show Ricki Lake, and you can see it most every year because it was a Chrismas show they repeat often:-)


Radio Version
Same as the album version, but minus the intro.

Album Version
Same as the radio one, but WITH the intro!

Full Harmony Club Mix
A pretty good mix & the closest they get to 
a proper club mix!

Melody-La Bouche Chant Club Mix
Definetly the longest title! It is about the
same as the previous with a chant bit on the 
end that seems to be influenced by one of
Frank's previous creations- Bony M.

The Wedding Club Mix
Boring Alert! This mix is just another club mix.

Crazy Wedding Club Mix
The only thing 'crazy' about this mix is that it
is the same as the mix before it!

Franks House Mix
A really good mix with a different rap bit.

Spike House Mix
The same as the spike mix, with a different begining!

Fallin' In Dub
A good mix with a 'jungle' feel to it

Spike Mix
A REALLY good mix from the album.

Soul Solution Vocal Dub
Probably one of the best mixes! Very interesting
and has really good music.

A very fast mix that got massive airplay in 
Europe as an alternitive mix. It is in the 
same style as Be My Lover and has the rap bit
from the 'Franks House Mix'.