Be My Lover

Be    My    Lover

Their first single in Austraila was Be My Lover, which really pathed the way for the rest of their singles. It is one of the best dance songs EVER and my favorite! It reched 4+ and came 18th overall in the year. It has two video clips, an old European one and a newer American one. The first was released in Australia and was pretty good, nice atmosphere and lighting. The second one had much improved quality perhaps some over-produced qualities, but look very cool! I liked the costumes better in this one, and the lighting was much clearer. It was obviously good, it won the 1996 MTV award for best dance video clip!


The ones they play on the radio!
Mix 2 is minus the rap.

Club mix
An exellant club mix! 1 rpm faster
than the origanal.

Spike club mix
Like the club mix with a bit more 
"jungle" in it.

Hi NRG mix
Fast mix! I love this one!

Alex goes to cleavland mix
Sound exactly like "Read My Lips" 
by Alex Party.

Doug Laurent classic edit
Boring mix with too much piano in it!

Trance mix
The best mix! At least 150rpm! 
It rocks!

Eurodance mix
Very nice mix. Very Euro!