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La    Bouche    Pictures!

Welcome! This page is the final product of scrounging 
through  magazines, looting stuff off friends and searching 
through German pages.
Picture credits must go to:
Sana Pirzada- For that really cool picture of Lane, sorry I 
didn't add this sooner! Really!
All those German radio stations and people I stole pictures 
off, Traurig! Verzeihen Sie mir bitte!
Australian Smash Hits, TV Hits, Sunday Mail and TV Scene!

Concert Pictures

Melanie And Dancers
Melanie Singing
Mel, Lane & Dancers
Mel, Lane & Dancers (again!)
Melanie & Frank
Mel & Lane Singing
Lane Singing
Melanie And Some Kid
Melanie singing in B/W.
A Concert Pic
Another Concert Pic
Yet Another Concert Pic
A concert pic from a German music festival thing

Australian Tour Pictures

Mel & Lane In Smash Hits Magazine
BIG picture of Lane from Smash Hits Magazine
La Bouche on the cover of Smash Hits
A Poster From The TV Guide (Big!)
A Cute Pic From A Newspaper Interview
Autographed Picture from TV Hits Magazine
A Funny Pic from TV Hits

Promotional Pictures!

Melanie, Lane, and Bryan Davis of Club DC!
Melanie, Lane, and Bryan Davis again!
(L-R)Lanes personal manager, roadie, Bryan Davis, roadie, roadie, roadie.
(If these ppl have names can someone tell me!)
A HUGE picture of Mel & Lane, uhh, standing!
Another HUGE picture of Mel & Lane hugging!
Mel, Lane, and some german dude!
A small pic of Mel & Lane doing an interview.
A pic of Mel & Lane in B/W.
The Original Postcard From BMG
A pic from a PDF file I lost....
A cool pic from a German Acadamy Award thing!

Video Clip Pictures!

A collage from the video of Bolingo.
(Sorry, I havn't been able to make it smaller!)